Prestashop 6 MOST essential modules to double your sales today

In this article, I am going to share with you the top 6 Prestashop modules, that I have installed for my clients over and over again. These modules are proven to be stable and useful. Most importantly, they increase online sales significantly. Want to increase your sales today, check them out!!

  1. PrestaShop Page Cache Ultimate ($174.99 US)

    Website speed is for sure the primary user experience factor. A fast loading website will not only help your SEO score, it also improves User Experience. Better user experience, higher sales! Especially, when you have over hundreds of products on your website, every query to the database will slow down the Prestashop website. The Page Cache Ultimate module basically creates the cache and enable much faster-visiting speed.

    PrestaShop Page Cache Ultimate module installation
    PrestaShop Page Cache Ultimate module installation

    You can use the Free Google Website Speed Testing Tool to test the before and after the speed of your Prestashop.

  2. Prestashop Bambora/Beanstream Official Payment ($174.99 US)

    Beanstream allows you to accept Credit Card payment online. It is working for both Canadian and US currency. Once you install the module, you can go to their official website to register an account and connect it with your bank account. You will then be provided with the Beanstream Account ID and Beanstream API Key. Simply, enter the values into the fields, you are good to go. I have connected the payment gateway with TD and other Canadian Banks with no problem. Easier checkout, better user experience, and increased sales.

  3. Prestashop B2B Validate user registration, hide price for visitors ($59.99)

    If you are operating a wholesale Prestashop store, likely you don’t want everyone to see your price. And if you want to manually approve the user before anyone can see your price, you can use this module. The module will display a message instead of the wholesale price for the visitor. You can set that message to “Please register to see the price” or anything you like.

    Basically, this module combines 2 functions together. It hides the price and it allows you to manually approve user registration. If you just want to hide the price, you can simply set Prestashop to catalog mode. But there is no direct setting allows you to manually approve user.

  4. Prestashop Canada Post Contract Rates and Labels ($229.99)

    Real-time shipping cost calculation is always helpful. This module allows you to connect with Canada Post and calculate the shipping fee. You can also create and print the shipping slip directly from the backend. This will expedite your operation process and save cost.

    Firstly, the user registers a business account with Canada Post. Then enter the Canada Post API User Key and Test Key to connect Prestashop system with Canada Post as shown below.

  5. Prestashop Product Videos – Youtube, Vimeo ($49.99)

    Product Video module allows you to displays Youtube or Vimeo video as a product image. As well as stand-alone video as part of the product description. I found it is very helpful for products that have professional product advertisement video. It significantly increases the product retention duration.

    Once you install the module, you can go to product -> module -> video, paste your Youtube link, and the video will be displayed. However, I do have a bit of installation when I got it. I contact the author, and he was able to quickly solve the issue for me. Hopefully, the bug has been fixed on the current version.

  6. Prestashop RockPOS – Point of Sale and Omnichannel  ($349.99)

    RockPOS is definitely a powerful POS. It has all the functions that you expect a POS system should have. The module installation is smooth. The client was able to learn how to use it pretty quickly. It is a great addition function if you are running both online and offline stores. With touchscreen computer, RockPOS will work even better. Moreover, the module also generates on demand sale report and commission, which my client loves.

  7. (Bouns) Prestashop Live Sales Popup: product sold notification Module ($34.99)

    The live sale popup module is probably the most helpful tool you can use to promote sales. It will not only pop the live sale, but it will also generate a fake sale to help new store grow. : P
    If you are not investing on any of the module that I mentioned above, this Live Sale popup is definately worth your money.

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