Prestashop Junk Email – 2 EASY Steps to fix it Today (and beyond)

Prestashop sends a welcome email to the new user, but the email goes directly to the junk box.

The cause of the issue can be various. For example, the email contains sensitive keywords, a bad historical record of your domain IP. Recently, I help my client resolve the issue with 2 simple steps, hopefully, it can help you too.

Prestashop system email goes to junk box solution:

  1. Install a third-party email client for Prestashop, which gives your email more credibility.
    1. SendInblue: Prestashop marketplace provides the module for free, it is also available for Wordpress and Magento.
    2. MailChimp: This is also available from Prestashop Add-ons page.
  2. Add the DMARC record to your domain name.
    1. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It is an email validation system helps detect and prevent email spoofing, and prevent domain abuse. It gives you email more credibility as well.
    2. Go to your domain name management system. Such as, Godaddy or Google Cloud DNS. Then add the “TXT” record, and set the following values.
      1. record type = TXT
      2. host/target = _dmarc
      3. value = v=DMARC1; p=none;;
      4. save
    3. To learn more about DMARC, you can go to DMARC Wiki page.

After I conduct these 2 steps, I test the result, it is almost immediate that my client’s registration email goes to the regular inbox. The test is conducted on both Gmail and Hotmail.

Let me know if it works for you, or if there is any other method to improve it.

How to install Sendinblue module on Prestashop?

      1. Login to the backend of your Prestashop system.
      2. Go to the “Module” menu on the left menu.
      3. Search “SendinBlue” as shown in the image.Prestashop-how-to-install-sendinblue-module-for-free


      1. Then click on the “Install” button, the module will be installed automatically.
      2. Once it is installed, you can find the module under “Installed” tab. You can click on the “Config” button.
      3. In order to user SendinBlue, you have to register an online account
      4. Once you are registered, you should find the SendinBlue “API Key” under your account.
      5. Copy and Past the SendinBlue “API Key” into the module page. It looks like this: TCaeADF8Xfdf85Z.
      6. In order to let the SendinBlue manage your transnational email. For example, new user welcome email, order place email, order confirmation, and status change email. You have to enable the transcriptional email function in the module.
      7. You will have to fill your profile completely. Then email SendinBlue that the amount and frequency of your transnational emails. Usually, they will reply back to you within 48 hrs.

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