Resolve Prestashop Tax not calculating issue

You have import and set up the Prestashop Tax Rule and Individual Tax, but the price fields in the product are not automatically updated when you select the tax rule from the drop-down menu. The product price stays the same even after you select the correct tax rule.

The quick solution to that is to delete the tax rule and tax, re-import them and set tax rules for all products.

  1. Go to Prestashop backend, International -> Taxes -> Taxes
    select all and then delete them

2. Go to Tax rules tab, and delete it

3. Go to Localizations -> pack = Canada -> select “taxes” -> import

4. At this point, your tax rule and taxes are reset properly. To link all products to your new tax rule, go to your phpmyadmin and find your tax rule group id by opening “ps_tax_rules_group_shop” table. For example, as shown below, the tax rule group id = 1. If you have delete and import the tax rule multiple times, the id will be different.

5. Update all the products to have the correct tax rule group id, by executing the following SQL code in the phpmyadmin.

UPDATE ps_product SET id_tax_rules_group = 1 WHERE id_tax_rules_group = 0;
UPDATE ps_product_shop SET id_tax_rules_group = 1 WHERE id_tax_rules_group = 0;


UPDATE ps_product SET id_tax_rules_group = 1; 
UPDATE ps_product_shop SET id_tax_rules_group = 1; 

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