Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association NPO Website

Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association NPO Website


The biggest challenge was to understand and convert a rather complicated workflow into a full automate system, that with minimum human interaction. In most NPO, the human resource is limited, in order to ensure the effective execution and program rolled, a reliable and functional system is the key backbone.


Unicoq Consulting was able to fully understand the complexity of the workflow and tackled each process with an automatic application. More importantly, integrate all application together into a wholly working management system.

  • Membership
    • Multiple membership levels with different content accesses
    • Event registration pricing differs depending on the membership level
    • Flexible recursive and non-recursive membership renewal
    • Flexible membership discount
    • Flexible member privacy setting, ensure the content is set for the right eyes
    • Membership cancelation reasoning
    • Ability to check historical seminar registration and PD certification
    • Secure SSL protection and streamlined online payment of Paypal and Credit Card
  • Seminar
    • Flexible seminar setup with quiz, unit and pre-requisite, etc.
    • Professional development hour certification generation and removal
    • Timely event related notification
    • Seminar registrar management (add, remove and edits)
    • Limit member event registration frequency
    • Customized event registration form to collect additional information
    • Flexible event coupon code setup, early bird pricing
    • Comprehensive email notification to both admin and user at all levels
    • Flexible seminar and event registration requirement collection
  • Email communication
    • Google Gmail API support ensure timely and reliable message deliver
    • Newsletter subscription management empower email marketing
  • Security
    • Login monitoring and logging
    • Limit login attempt and flagging
    • Secure system and database backup
    • Google captcha human verification
    • Auditing trail for order placement and membership updates


Successfully designed and completed deliverables on time and within budget. The client was able to start online marketing and promote events immediately.

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