Renocompass Website Design and Development

Renocompass Website Design and Development

Renocompass is a Toronto based start-up company focuses on the third party house construction and renovation quality assurance and auditing. The company is looking for a flexible platform with various and complex functions that enable them to serve house owners, contractors, and vendors at the same time.


The biggest challenge was to develop various functions to serve 3 different groups of users. The role and interaction function among users can get really complex, and the membership management and the flexible admin role control over the groups.

  • Customized functions development and implementation
  • Flexible user interaction, along with membership and content control
  • Online digital marketing strategy


The solution Unicoq Consulting came up with combined cutting-edge cloud DNS technology and located based on website re-direction.

  • eCommerce shopping cart system along with location-based language, shipping, payment switchers
  • Intelligent incoming visitor dispatcher to the nearby server for better user experience


After several months of work, Unicoq Consultating Inc. Successfully designed and completed deliverables on time and within budget. The client was able to use the system to for fundraising and serve house ower, vendor and contractors.

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