Sickkids Hospital Visual Electophysiology Database & Application

Sickkids Hospital Visual Electophysiology Database & Application

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Toronto SickKids Hospital VEU is looking for customized application solution for their patient management and data visualization. The patient data's volume is large and rather complex, as there are different categories, control, and observation for different researchers and purposes. The goal is to develop a customized solution that not only will centralize all the data, as well as record, monitor, control and modify on an ongoing basis, as well as advanced data analysis function that enables advanced visualization.


The biggest challenge is the large volume and complex nature of the data, as well as intuitive user interface and experience for lab stakeholders, as not all of them are tech-savvy. The application will be hosted locally, and access through the internal network, so the uptime and user intuition become the highest priority.


The solution Unicoq Consulting has to develop were,

  • Centralize database for historical patient management and upcoming patient data collection (i.e. record, monitor, compare, modify and insight analysis)
  • Calendar application for patient scheduling and arrangement
  • Advanced data analysis for insight analysis (make use of both PHP and R)


It was an on-going 7 months project, where Unicoq Consultating Inc. was able to deliver the application on time and on budget, the project was completed with successful implementation and a comprehensive user manual and training.

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