Vape29 -Canada Best Vape Shop- Free Expedited Shipping in Canada

Vape29 -Canada Best Vape Shop- Free Expedited Shipping in Canada


Vape29 is a very popular vape product retailer with 4 retailing stores in Toronto. Unicoq is helping the company reshare the website and the backbone system to better support the fast-growing business and integrate the multiple store for POS and stock synchronization.


Unicoq Consulting was able to design and built a rather complex system to support the business operation. The system consists of,

  • Retailing POS system with flexible sale reporting
  • Customer Loyalty and rewarding system
  • Canada Post automatica shipping system
  • Synchronized stock management
  • Integrated Google analytics for ecommerce
  • Customer review and rating system, integrated with Google Rich Snippets
  • Advanced wish list to promote sale
  • Social media promotion with rewards
  • Product introduction with video integraiton
  • Lazy product image loading for better user experience
  • Integrated Credit Card payment with TD online banking
  • Advanced SEO and Anti spam
  • Age verification for regulatory compliance


Successfully designed and completed deliverables on time and within budget. The client was able to start online marketing and promote events immediately.

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